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pain.001.001.03 payment


We are pleased to introduce SVG representations for all ISO20022's XSD schemas. This will help you navigate in the maze of sepa xsds.

Try it here (best with : Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.)


XML/JSON to flat CSV conversion

Manipulating xml or json files can be cumbersome , converting them to flat plain csv can save plenty of time.

Use our conversion tool to transform indented, multi-level, sepa, ISO20022, xml or json files to flat plain tabular csv files. Put them into Excel. Fine-tuning is possible for every vector field. Tabular is the limit ! :-)

pain.001.001.03 payment

Payment Initiation

Payment initiations are stored as SEPA pain xml files.

Click here to navigate on pain xsd.

camt.029.001.03 account management

Account Management

Account management are represented using SEPA camt format.

Click here to navigate on camt xsd.

Access other formats in this list :